infin is a highly integrated end-to-end ERP Solutions which handles complex Order Management and Tracking, Sales And Distribution, inventory Control management,Finance, Procurements, Customer Relationship Management and Services .

Easy to integrate with Production and Planning Systems, automated Inventory Control and Forecasting Soultions. Optimizes Business flow smoothen order to cash fulfillement.

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Features :

  •  a centralized order management hub for orders from various order entry systems, channels and customer touch points end-to-end visibility of inventory and orders throughout the order‘s lifecycle including capture, controlling, allocating, fulfilling and settling order.
  •  Multi brand and multi family hierarchical Product Management.
  •  an easy-to-use Web and Mobile based applications to manage all order processes and workflows .
  •  Easy tracking of Unbilled Invoices, Payments and ledger Maintenance.
  •  Accelerate cash flow with integrated Sales order management process,  from Order to cash and fulfilment, billing and payments.
  •  Eliminate errors via real-time, centralized management of all orders—maintaining a complete history within a single repository.
  •  real-time, Mobile Reporting on Inventory visiblity, order Tracking, Sales and Product Performance and Forecasting.

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