Manufacturing Operation Management Services

The industrial manufacturing business is highly dynamic, capital intensive, and prone to business cycles. Innovation in machine and tool concepts, advanced industrial design, and adoption of new technologies present multiple opportunities in this space. However, the industry has to constantly focus on the following set of challenges to sustain growth:

Cost and margin pressure: A significant portion of equipment manufacturing is “design and build” process and not repetitive mass production. Cost pressures mount due to burgeoning raw material prices, volatile demand outlook and suboptimal utilization of the asset base.

Pressure from competitors: Established global players are facing stiff competition from strong local players in new geographies. Strong competition has drastically reduced time to develop new machines that are suitable for difficult and varying local operating conditions.

Manufacturing Services

  • Improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Real-time shop floor intelligence for Plant Managers
  • Analysis of production loss and ability to take rapid corrective measures
  • Achieve improved visibility for Lean and Six-Sigma programs
  • Eliminate discrepancy between manual and machine data

Global manufacturers are trying to reduce operational expenditure, invest in process improvement, utilize existing capacity optimally and increase efficiencies, while maintaining product quality and meeting safety and regulatory norms.Manufacturing operations are fraught with complexity, strict quality norms and controlling Intellectual Property (IP). With increasing margin pressures and stiff competition the main concentration for best in class manufacturing companies is cost reduction.


  •  Reduce production waste and product environmental impact to "near zero"
  •  Achieve concurrency in all manufacturing operations & improve efficiency.
  •  Reconfigure manufacturing operations rapidly in response to changing needs and opportunities
  •  Develop innovative manufacturing processes and products with a focus on decreasing dimensional scale
  •  Integrate human and technical resources to enhance workforce performance and satisfaction

Createalytics is committed to helping manufacturers maximize productivity. Our solutions address detailed shopfloor scheduling and sequencing challenges as well as quality information, time in-out , scraps and rejections. We also offer Dashboards leveraging industry-standard concepts such as xBSC and Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model.

Our service offerings include:

  •  Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  •  Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  •  Process Automation

The Createalytics Advantage

  •  Real-time shop floor intelligence for Plant Managers
  •  Improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  •  Analysis of production loss and ability to take rapid corrective measures
  •  Achieve improved visibility for Lean and Six-Sigma programs
  •  Eliminate discrepancy between manual and machine data
  • By moving beyond outdated systems and product-centric approaches that are the industry norm, we can help you build a sustainable competitive advantage. You’ll soon realize the benefits of collaborative manufacturing management as we help you enhance and integrate shop-floor, enterprise and product lifecycle systems. You will speed time to market and cut operating costs while improving key operational metrics like quality, agility, flexibility and regulatory compliance.

CAS capabilities for Manfacturing Operational Management Services include

Engineering Design

  •   Concept Generation
  •   Feasibility Study
  •   Styling and Ergonomics
  •  Component and system design


  •  Product Evaluation – MES
  •  Plant assessment
  •  Business case
  •  Program management


  •  Gap & Impact Analysis
  •  Custom to Custom
  •  Custom to product
  •  Product to product
  •  Migration and cutover strategy
  •  Data migration and Validation

Design & Implement

  •  Process Blueprinting
  •  Solution Development
  •  Performance assessment
  •  Production cutover & Planning Multi-site rollout – Early life support


  •  Shop floor systems
  •  Equipment’s, RFID, Barcode
  •  Legacy Asset Management Systems


  •  21 CFR Part 11 & OSHO
  •  S95 – B2MML
  •  Quality & Regulatory Compliance
  •  EHS & GPI Dashboards


  •  Performance Reporting & Dashboard
  •  OEE – Utilization, Yield & Trend
  •  Manufacturing Performance
  •  Analytics Process Rules Discovery (PRD)
  •  Advanced Process Control

Process Improvement

  •   Lean Manufacturing
  •  TPM, STAR, eKanban Kaizen & 6Sigma, CAPA
  •  Real Time Performance Visibility
  •  Predictive Intelligence Analytics


  •  Hand Holding and Transitioning
  •  Production Support L 24*7*365
  •  ITIL/SLA Compliance
  •  System – Maintenance / Enhancements
  •  Change Management

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