Procafe - Production & Sales Management


Procafe - is designed for process manufacturers of production with recipe-based materials management.

With an Accurate Inventory Visibility, Companies can plan their production Capacity in advance, Schedule & Track Production Work-in-Progress, Manage Recipe and process Workflow efficiently for an optimized results in Production, On time delivery for Make to Order and Make to Stock. Packed with easy to use Multi-tenant POS system which enables sales effectively.

The system will not let companies go Out of Stock Or Over Production with an optimized Re-Order level, Buffer-level and sales Forcast.

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Features :

  •   Easy to use, Recipe Management and Inventory visibility.
  •  Lot Tracebility with real time WIP Tracking.
  •  Complete visibility of production capacity.
  •  Order fulfillment and sales performance Trends.
  •  Significantly improve customer service and quality.
  •  Optimized production Planning and Forecasting.
  •  MAke-to-order and Make-to-stock Scheduling, Easy procurement Notification and automated buffer-level maintenance.
  •  real-time, Mobile Reporting on Inventory visiblity, order Tracking, Sales and Product Performance and Forecasting.

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