B2B is a high performance business to business eCommerce software platform that solves problems.

The platform has built-in integration to a robust content management system, a complete set of administrative tools, native SEO tools and architecture, revenue producing business intelligent tools, reporting and analytics, and back-end integration of global shipping and tax calculations to line of business applications like Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM.

B2B specializes in delivering custom results within a timely fashion – read more to find out how we can deliver a custom-tailored eCommerce solution that’s designed specifically for your online goals.

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Features :

  •  The b2b has all the necessary B2B integration requirements to work with your system, optimize customer service with an all-in-one solution for online customer self-service and develop new sales channels, giving you the best competitive advantages in this increasingly global market.
  •  With b2b, your sales force has remote ordering and customer account management capabilities to process orders in a self-service format, in realtime, from any online browser.
  •  The b2b has all the B2C features you need to drive online traffic to your site, capture customer interest and guide the customer through the easy and secure buying experience that is the foundation of a lasting relationship with your customer.
  •  With eMarketing tools, you can market your company, your products and your online store to current and potential customers.
  •  Customers can choose to pay the shipping method they wish to use. Offer multiple shipping policies or use real-time service rate integration with FedEx, UPS, USPS, Canada Posts.

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