tap -n- eat - Restaurant Management


Tap-N-Eat is an application that provides complete solution for managing a restaurant.

This application enables a restaurant owner to design the dining environment in the application and then on provide a complete experience to place orders and track the status which can be done either by the customers or order takers at the restaurant.

This is an end to end solution from Placing Orders to Payment Processing to Restaurant functional analysis from day to day activities.

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Features :

  •  Design Restaurant Dining Environment to enable online or at the spot booking by Customers.
  •  Restaurant Owner Profiling, Customer Profiling, Employee Profiling.
  •  Menu Management to keep the Menu and cost up to date.
  •  Placing Order By Guest, or By Order taker for both Dine in & Dine Out.
  •  Bill Generation & Payment Processing.
  •  Expense Management for Restaurant day to day activities.
  •  Dashboard & Real-time Analysis for the entire Restaurant.
  •  Reporting - Fast Moving Item, Peak Hours analysis, Performance Analysis etc..,
  •  Multiple Kitchen Viewport Order Profiling Based on Cuisine or division in the Kitchen, where food orders are processed.
  •  Highly Customized process in Kitchen Viewport to update Status to enable Tracking - Order in Queue, Picked, On Delivery, Delivered for both Dine in, Dine Out and Online Orders.

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